13 Apr

If you want to attend a very important occasion, you need to be ready. It is your presence that makes it special for the celebrant. Hence, you need to look beautiful inside and out. You need to hire the best hair service personnel to take charge of you. If you want hair extensions, you also need to get them from the finest salon. If you heard of Bellami hair extensions DelRay beach FL, you better check their official website to see all the things that they offer. You will surely be glad that they provide not only the finest extensions but also the most superb services. 

As you browse further, you realize that they do not only sell extensions. They also offer other important services like cleansing shampoo, application of hair extensions, reapplication of Bellami extensions, provisions of beads, blending trim, drying, and even flat ironing. If you wish to have a fun style to your hair, it can even be done. If you visit their place, they provide you a good price in all their services. If you wish to have removals, you can avail yourself for only $115 per hour. If you also like to have the application, they will offer it for $115 each hour. Bonding weft hair is also available for $50 per ounce.

For sure, you have the chance to have the services done beyond one hour. However, as the number of hours increases, so do the prices as well. You need to pay $230 to add fullness for 2 hours. If you want to have the application of micro cylinder and removal of the other materials placed on your head for 3 hours, you need to spend $345. If you wish to have the removal and application for keratin full head in 4 hours, you need to spend $440. However, if you have thick or short hair that needs to be served well for 5 hours, you need to pay them $550 for their services. You also read from the website that they conduct the strand method. Find more details about hair extensions here.


When talking about the strand method, you will surely be introduced to strand extensions, keratin, and even micro cylinder fusion. You will also be informed that they provide crowd favorites, such as Rapunzel Hair and Bellami. You will be happy if you choose any of those styles, especially if you come to a party or date. If you need total hair care, you better contact them over the phone.

If you want to check their portfolio, you can just click the given access. You also need to read their policy so that you know their obligations as a service provider. As a client, you also need to know your rights and the things you owe them. You may book appointments as well. If you are interested in gift cards, they will also share them with you. It is necessary that you check the map should you decide to visit their venue soon. You will never go wrong in getting the finest services from them.

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